First of all, You don’t have to pay for any phone calls when you get a call. You have to pay the fee when you call someone in Japan. Today, I will show you the difference between the numbers.   
  • The numbers start with 090,080,070, Those numbers will be from cell phone. 
  • Japanese has several area numbers at first, like start with 03 it’s from Tokyo’s landline phone. There are too many area numbers, so if you get some number that you don’t recognize, check it up with Google. 
  • If you have to call the police station, that will be 110.
  • If you wanna call an ambulance, or when you find fire, call 119. 
  I know in your country, I mean in states, police stations and fire departments and ambulances are the same number as 911 So please do not get confused. In a good way, ambulances are free in Japan. But please don’t use it if you are not in an emergency situation.   
  • When you see the number start with 0120, it means toll-free call. 
  But be careful, sometimes, 0120 doesn’t work if you call from your cell phone.  But you shouldn’t worry, because if it’s not work, you don’t have to pay, they will announce things like “Sorry, but this number will not work from your cell phones, blah blah blah” and they will just hang up. They never cost you.   
  • If you see the 0570 something number, it’s not free. We call it  “Navi-dial”  in Japanese.  It will be announced to you “ We will cost you blah blah yen per each 10 seconds blah blah blah” But the important thing is, it will cost you when the announcement starts. 
  • When you see the number start with 050, that will be “IP phone”  . The system is the same as Skype, Viber, or those kinds of application phones, it will use the Internet to call. As long as you don’t have 050 number, you have to pay the fee but it’s cheaper compared to landline phone number. 
  Toodle-loo! Be kind to one another! TTYL!   If you have any plumbing problems, call us out!!   Emergency plumbing Tokyo 24/7 available.  Toll Free 0120-775-977  FYI: It’s a toll free number even from your cell phone;)